Revealing untold oil painting secrets and techniques with art tutor

What will You learn and how can You use it to develop Your painting style

How do true painting masters work: Preparation of the canvas and methods of initial painting phases

  • How to prepare canvas for your painting the right way and underpainting
  • How to properly use different oil paints, color palettes and solvents in the first phases of making a painting
  • Demonstration of different methods of color applying, making structures, and using painting equipment

How to apply colors in layers to accomplish unique effects

  • How to choose different color layering techniques and ways of using them to achieve the desired effect
  • How to use different medium and color ratios in the correct way as the necessary knowledge to build the layers on the painting
  • How to achieve depth on the painting and simulate a 3D effect

The secrets of the masterfully applied finishing layers of the painting

  • How to apply transparent colors in finishing layers of the painting
  • How to apply the last layers on the painting and what percentage of different color mediums use
  • Finishing varnishing on painting used by professionals
  • Long term protection of the finished painting

Workflow examples in photos!

Z. Milakovic painting biography and style

Zlatko Milakovic is the artist whos artworks adorn walls of art lovers and collectors.

His art pursue many different topics, but preference is given to the woman and her beauty…in world of silence and harmony. Milakovic’s work is on the border between realism and hyperrealism but there is no secret that he loves to work on abstract expressionism style.  If he works with oil on canvas, on one painting, he works for about months. In the european galleries it is hard to come by to his work. The reason is simple. He works on one painting for a long time and after exposure in gallery, picture quickly founds a buyer.

Milakovic taught sculpture in Zagreb (Croatia, Center for Contemporary Art) and painting in studios of several world-renowned artists-teachers.

Zlatko Milakovic has been living in very dynamic way. In his youth he was a top athlete (javelin thrower, champion), later manager of the famous banking group, insurance company, national association of business managers, etc. By the age of 18, he has moved with his family and has been living in nine different cities in 4 different countries. He has a master’s degree in political science and has been additionally trained by programs of world-renowned business schools.


Check out Milakovic work!

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