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Art Plateau is an international contemporary art platform. We truly believe in the positive influence of art on society, and we are passionate about art. Our mission is to merge art with art lovers, artists with public & buyers, and make art accessible. We do it in our own way by organizing art events & exhibitions, providing painting workshops, and representing artists to potential buyers. We’re excited to start a dialogue and discover more about you, whether you are an art buyer, lover or artist, and we’re pleased to make something beautiful together.


Organizing art events, exhibitions and fairs

Organizing art events, exhibitions, art fairs, and festivals are a meaningful aspect of connecting art lovers, public and artists. All our events are consist of promotion & marketing activities, event management, selected venues in selected cities as well as cooperation with significant institutions, artists, galleries and other subjects. With an ambition to present selected artists through our sales events, we also bring art to collectors, homes and business interiors, new art costumes.

We believe that our art events can change artist lives and enrich the lives of the broader public.


Providing Art & Painting Workshops

You want to develop as artist, refresh your creativity or learn new painting techniques? We are organizing different painting & art seminars and workshops. Our courses are made for transformative power skills and techniques for all artists and those who are willing to become an artist. Most of our classes are located in some of most beautiful locations on world – Istria and Croatia.

Art agency representing artists

Our activities present the whole circle of an art business landscape – from promoting both online and offline, taking part on art fairs, organizing exhibitions & art events, publishing activities to sales and representation of the selected artist.

Selling art & art advisory

We provide art advisory services for institutions, facilities, businesses, designers and architects and their projects. Our art advisory includes partnered selection of artworks, renominated artist base, limited print paintings, installations as well as custom made orders for special projects.


For the first time, we will reveal to you the untold oil painting secrets and techniques!

Some secrets of painting craftsmanship and oil painting techniques are rarely revealed and still, they are basic of all great oil painting styles.

If you are an artist, a painter who wants to develop, express and fulfill your unique oil painting style, then this workshop is perfect for you!

The workshop provides an artistic experience which will allow you to discover some of the untold oil painting techniques and secrets, all applicable for contemporary and new age painters.

Discover our art advisory services and art for sales!

Art Plateau event

Vrsar Art Fest 2019

For the first time, in Vrsar will be held the week dedicated to contemporary art. Over the course of 7 days (19. – 26. May 2019) unique art programme will consist of – art world dialogues and talks, live painting performances, art exhibitions, painting workshops…

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